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For Young People

As budget cuts abound in schools, Ceramic Heights has a two-fold mission for the newest generation of children.

The first is to expose children to the art of pottery. In addition to being fun, ceramic arts bolster creativity, problem solving, and patience. Outside of a typical class environment, young people have the freedom to explore and make mistakes with clay, while producing a beautiful artifact of their efforts.

The second is to fill a substantial need for after school programs in San Diego. Ceramic Heights will tailor classes for youth attending primary and middle schools on minimum days. As we grow, the class sizes will remain small (8 people or less), but the offerings will increase.

For Everyone

Ceramic Heights will be a community studio, where the novice and established ceramicist create alongside each other. “Heights” are reminiscent of the wonderful neighborhoods around San Diego, and the residents who make them so.

Ceramic “Heights” are also the unique and personal goals of each student and master. These can be anything: perfecting a glaze, throwing taller cylinders, recreating classic works, gaining mindfulness.

The studio of our dreams is a substantial investment, so we will start small with youth classes while building an e-commerce gallery exclusively for ceramicists.

We seek to elevate the appreciation of ceramics to a masterful and artistic medium, and with comparable compensation. This will bolster the recognition of locally established potters and create avenues to new markets.

Follow us as we build our own Heights.