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Ghost Night

Create your own magic movie moment this Valentine's Day
Reservations at 619-488-7219

So here's how much I know about celebrities: Apparently Patrick Swayze has been dead since 2009.  I was clueless until I attempted to reach him on Twitter and ask if he would make a guest appearance for Ghost Night.  But now we can ask his ghost to drop by instead, which is all the better.  (If anyone has an Ouiji board, email me!)

For the rest of you living souls, and everyone who has jokingly (or more seriously) suggested a "Ghost" night, IT IS HERE.  Or rather, here are the details.

Bring your Patrick Swayze, your Demi Moore, your best friend, or your iguana to Ceramic Heights this February 13, 2016 for a tandem wheel-throwing experience.  We're going to dim the lights, rearrange the studio, and set up a magical moment for you to share with 4 other couples. 

The price is $50 for two and includes the finishing, firing, and glazing of your handmade pieces. 

RESERVATIONS are a must!  Call 619-488-7219 to confirm your spot for 7, 8, or 9pm on Saturday, Feb 13 and with any questions.

*If you're going out to dinner before or after, just remember that clay is mud, which is dirt.  It definitely washes out, but you might get a little on your pants.  We have towels and aprons for this purpose.

  • Saturday, February 13th 2016