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One Year Unofficial Anniversary

Kids at the City Heights Farmers Market

The quickly approaching North Park Festival of the Arts marks the unofficial one year anniversary of Ceramic Heights.

More than a year ago I purchased a booth at the North Park Arts with the intent to sell pottery from local San Diego ceramicists. I had no studio to make my own work, at home or otherwise, but since I wanted to launch ecommerce on the website, it seemed reasonable to act as an art dealer for others at the event. After all, these were the services I would be providing for my future studio members.

Then about two weeks before the festival, I had only one confirmed ceramicist, Dan Stringfield, who was also a friend, and in a fluster of anxiety I conjured an insane idea to have a potters wheel at my booth. This was ridiculous for many reasons, the first of which was that I didn't own a wheel, and the second was that I hadn't actually thrown on a wheel in many years. But in the do-or-die attitude of this business, it had to work.

I tossed my idea to the North Park Main Street team to confirm electricity was available, and to alert them that the nature of my booth had vastly changed from my initial application. They were beyond accommodating, offered me an additional booth space, and the most unexpected bonus, asked later if I wanted to be on a NBC news spot the morning of the event. That was completely terrifying, but how could I say no?  For your entertainment (I can't watch it again), here is the video of the NBC morning show.

Fast forward to now, and I have way more experience under my belt with the weekly farmers market in City Heights and other festivals like Adams Avenue Street Fair and Maker Faire in Balboa Park. I have a much better tent, battery powered setup, and an actual studio where people can pick up their finished pieces (and hopefully take classes later)! I also have much more debt, but such is the fate of owning a business.

I'm excited for another fun year at the North Park Festival of the Arts, May 21, from 10am-10pm.