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Small World

Pineapple cookie cutter and clay samples

I bought a bunch of cookie cutters at an auction and of course had to show them off to my Wednesday night class. There were many classic shapes that I don't have, like stars and hearts, and also oddly fun ones like boots and five-gallon cowboy hats.

A new student of mine, Sara, and I were digging through and testing them out. She found a tiny pineapple and showed me the proper way to add the spikes with x's or v's. Sara knows pineapples well from living in Asia. I asked her what part, and she said the Philippines.

I wasn't surprised when another student, Janna, joined the conversation because she used to live there as well. Janna pieced together that they had both been in the Peace Corps and had actually met an event two years prior. They remarked that it's a small world, and I have to agree.